Terrazzo Statement Paper Earrings
Terrazzo Statement Paper Earrings
Handmade Terrazzo Statement Paper Earrings
Terrazzo Statement Paper Earrings

Terrazzo Terracotta Blob Matte - Paper Earrings by Papirysy

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These unique and incredibly light paper earrings by Papirysy feature an avant-garde terrazzo pattern with terracotta-red tones and a matte finish. Each pair is a reincarnation of used printer paper and notebooks which have been recycled into handmade paper. Every pair is a one-off object, telling a different story. 

Each step of Papirysy’s production is done by hand - from cutting the used paper, through recycling, tinting, drying and cutting the newly produced sheets, ending with hardening and varnishing. The process is long and requires a high level of precision. Each pair is made with love and in zero-waste spirit.



Due to the nature of the hand-making process, the pattern might slightly vary from the photograph.

    • Weight of one earring: ab. 5.5 gram
    • Dimensions: height = 6.5cm, width = 3.8cm
    • Materials: recycled handmade paper, surgical steel
    • Handmade packaging from recycled paper
    • Guaranteed uniqueness