Østerbro Vase No04 - by Doctrine
Østerbro Vase No04 - by Doctrine

Østerbro Vase No04 - by Doctrine

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The Østerbro Vases Collection is a homage to Copenhagen. The abundance of natural materials; the slightly broken colour tones of the paint on neighbour's doors; the greyish cobblestones of the streets, wrapped in a dreamy layer of undefined mist, despite the sunny weather.

My safe haven in Copenhagen, the Østerbro apartment I stayed in, was filled with beautifully crafted pieces and Danish Design. When I came back to Amsterdam, I wanted to capture some of these memories in clay, and this is how the Østerbro collection came to life.



This piece is a one-off custom item, formed and glazed by hand and fired at high temperatures. Due to the nature of the hand-making process, the piece may have slight imperfections

This ceramic piece is water-resistant and can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Approximate size: 7cm diameter x 10cm tall.