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Illustrated Cups Set - Nódoa Negra

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This beautifully illustrated set of two ceramics cups is a creation by Sara of Nódoa Negra, an Amsterdam-based Portuguese artist and illustrator. 

The form was inspired by the well-known disposable plastic cups, which usually have an extremely short life span and in our collective understanding are a substitute for trash and unnecessary waste. In her vision, Sara transforms these objects into timeless heirloom pieces, lends them value and awakes the reflection on over-consumption.

Both cups feature Nódoa Negra's iconic illustrations, inspired by primal forms, bringing to mind magical runes and celestial maps.



The set contains of 2 cups, and can be only purchased as such. 

These pieces are one-off custom items, formed and glazed by hand and fired at high temperatures. The illustration is hand-painted and unique.

This ceramic piece is water-resistant and can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Approximate size: 6cm diameter x 8cm tall