Dove 2020 Handwoven Wool Placemat

Dove 2020 Handwoven Wool Placemat

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Dual-warp weaving craft, once popular in the whole of Europe, survived to this day only in North-East Poland, Spain, Sweden and Italy. Therefore this beautiful handmade 100% wool tapestry is a true one-off.

Crafted in beautiful green and white wool yarns, this textile artwork was manufactured on XIX-century old looms. It features a dove and the date of creation - 2020, and on the back the label handwritten by the artist. It can be used as a placemat, table- or wall decoration. 


Material: 100% wool

Due to the double wrap weaving technique, the coaster features the same graphic on both sides, but in reversed colours. 

Dry cleaning is recommended. 

Dimensions: W=35cm; H=22cm