Adding value to your daily rituals and meaning to your space

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As a maker-led creative community and online platform, we at Doctrine celebrate traditional craftsmanship through thoughtful curation of a conscious collection of meaningful pieces. 

We believe the right piece of art or home décor can elevate your space and make it more meaningful to inhabit. This makes your daily rituals more pleasurable, adding moments of connection within your space.

Our vision centres around changing how we value and consume things. Honouring the craftsmanship that goes into each heirloom and celebrating the artists and the stories of those who made them. 

Customised Ceramics

We understand how important it is to find a piece that speaks to you. Something that isn’t just functional, but also meaningful for you. To help you, we developed a process for customising our signature range of handmade ceramic homewares, Doctrine Amsterdam.

The creative process is simple and designed to ensure your vision comes to life, just as you imagined:

Ideation: Learn what you need and desire from your piece

Concept creation: Conduct research, mood boards and
design sketches

Prototype creation: Create a sample piece to test function and refine aesthetics

Delivery: Dream piece is crafted and packaged for you.

Contact us to discuss your personalised piece today.

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Interior Styling & Item Rental

Do you want to bring your space to life with a personalised interior that meets your needs and feels just like you? Do you need help to design an engaging spatial experience that shares your brand story? Or maybe you are preparing for the photoshoot of your cherished interior, but you are still missing the final touch?

If you have a project in mind, we would love to hear from you.


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