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Porcelain doll jumping jack
Annamiau Porcelain Doll
Annamiau porcelain Doll
Annamiau Porcelain Doll


Ada - Porcelain Jumping Jack by AnnaMiau

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Do you remember the Jumping Jacks? This charming one here was born in 2020 and its natural charm is difficult to resist. You are the one who's pulling the strings here!

This Limoges Limoges porcelain masterpiece by Annamiau Ceramics is a one-off hand-made and hand-painted collectable piece.



Hand formed, painted and assembled Limoges Limoges porcelain jumping jack with textile string.

Due to the artisanal production process, you might notice small imperfections (or perhaps even the artist's fingerprints!)

Dimensions:  H=24cm, W=8cm

Weight: 0.1 kg

Annamiau Porcelain Doll
Annamiau porcelain Doll