My Story

Agata Pilip

My name is Agata Pilip and I am an interior architect and designer. On a daily basis, I work alongside amazing creatives, designing retail experiences, and I cherish my passions: ceramics and my love child, Doctrine Curated. I love the fact that, while designing interiors is mostly about solving users’ problems, creating ceramics is about adding value to their life. These both areas balance each other beautifully.

Years ago, while working at world-class designer's Marcel Wanders Studio in Amsterdam, I developed a strong interest in crafts. The studio had its own workshop, and we also collaborated with brilliant artists that used traditional techniques to create contemporary artworks and objects. This was when it stroke me that artisans become a rare breed, due to industrial technologies replacing craftsmanship production. I felt that these skills and know-how ought to be protected somehow.

Some years later I picked up the craft I used to master as a teenager - ceramics. I also visited the manufacture of traditional pottery in my native Poland - in Bunzlau/Boleslawiec. I felt that this is what I want to contribute to the world: promoting and informing about crafts, encouraging people to cherish the handmade quality, supporting amazing artists and expressing myself creatively too, by experimenting with ceramics. This is how Doctrine was born.

My mission now is to carry on bringing new artists on board and sharing my work process and thoughts with you. I am grateful to have you here on my journey. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!