Handmade home décor and curated personal items for you to cherish

Doctrine is a maker-led creative community and online store that celebrates traditional craftsmanship and curates a conscious collection of meaningful pieces. 

The community believes that the right piece of art or home décor can elevate your space and make it more meaningful to inhabit. This makes your daily rituals more pleasurable, adding moments of connection within your space.

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Our Story 

Founded by Agata Pilip, an interior architect, designer and ceramicist, Doctrine is a harmonious balance of function, value and meaning. Agata’s work with artisans on interior projects has deepened her appreciation for craftsmanship, highlighting a love of natural materials and sustainably slow, organic construction. 

Each piece selected as part of Doctrine’s collection is distinct and one-of-a-kind. The handmade process imbues each piece with the story of its maker, adding layers of meaning. As a ceramicist, Agata has a deep connection and respect for traditional craftsmanship and the techniques that have been taught for generations. 

By supporting the creative community behind Doctrine, you’re cherishing the skills and the stories of the artists who made them. You are also building a culture of appreciation for conscious collection of handcrafted home accessories and décor.

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Local Amsterdam Studio, Big Vision

In a world rich in choice, there’s a fine line between consumption of beautiful things and clutter. Doctrine started with a big vision - a vision to:

  • change how we value and consume things by shifting the focus to how they’re made and what they’re crafted from
  • question our impulse to over-consume and rethink what we bring into our homes and why
  • honour the craftsmanship that goes into the creative process, and celebrate the artists who made them
  • create a more meaningful and sustainable way of buying, and
  • support an ethical, slow production process that is better for us and our world. 

There is nothing personal about mass produced décor. 

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Our Community of Makers

Doctrine’s collection of handcrafted heirlooms are created by artists and makers who share our vision. They’re involved in both the conception and creation of each object, and each piece is made to cherish, using ethical and sustainable practices.

The community believe quality artistry goes beyond each piece. It teaches 

  • Patience
  • Resilience
  • Honesty
  • Strength
  • Creativity

In fact, the word ‘Kraft’ in German roughly translates to “strength, skill”, capturing the heart of real craftsmanship. 

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Makers Stories

Nourish your creative curiosity and read the stories of each of Doctrine’s makers. Learn the techniques behind true craftsmanship and discover new ways of making.

Be inspired by craft making trends and explore connections between design, texture, shape and nature - read our Makers Stories.

Are you a conscious creator? 

If you feel you’re a good match for Doctrine, contact us and we can determine your fit.