From love to nature: INI Ceramique

INI Ceramique is a studio based in France, and it was established by Inhee Ma, a South Korea-born artist who graduated from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier in 2018. Inspired by architecture, nature and art, Inhee aims to create a link between these subjects in her collections of decorative ceramics pieces.  


What truly charms the user of INI Ceramique objects is its honest approach to the texture and material they are made of, without any unnecessary additions. Inspired by natural shapes such as a drop of water or a clover, the simple ceramics forms are created with highest attention to detail.

handmade vase luxury ceramics


What type of products do you make?

Inhee Ma: My work is centred around the creation of decorative pieces and is motivated by the desire to forge a link between architect, art and nature. I like to play with the functionality of the object and its materialisation, whether in terms of texture or form. while my current collection includes a series of minimal soliflores, I am currently developing vases that will accommodate complete bouquets and a set of tableware.

Are you sensitive to ethical and environmental issues and how do you apply it to your creations ?

Inhee Ma: At INI Ceramique, it seems irrelevant to us to exclude any ethical and environmental approach. Our products are shaped by hand according to an artisanal process, which imposes an acceptance of time and its effects. In an uncertain period marked by the frantic pace of information and sometimes irresponsible consumption, we embrace the slowing down of the production process, and hope to share these values ​​with our customers. We have also excluded any plastic material from our packaging and pay particular attention to delivering packages that are both aesthetic and eco-friendly.

Do you have a favourite material? If yes - which ?

Inhee Ma: I prefer chamotte stoneware for the raw texture it offers after firing. It is through a reflection oriented around the relationship between design and texture that my work takes shape. This is, for instance, why i leave the outside of my creations raw and only glaze the inside of my vases.

How would you like to sum up your approach to design? What are your inspirations?

Inhee Ma: As a graduate of Beaux-Arts in Montpellier, I am essentially influenced by the work of great contemporary artists and ones of the past. I am alert to their approach, art direction and concepts. I allow myself to tap into a wide range of artworks, from classical paintings, to more contemporary installations, as well as architecture, and then seek to build a bridge connecting these disciplines and the design of my collections.